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    Economical & Affordable
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    Energy Efficient
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    Quality & Durability
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    Superior Illumination
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    Unique Light Pods
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    Unique Light Pods
  • A StarTrol LED examination light will save you money.

    Our solid state, energy-efficient LED technology requires minimal energy to operate. All of our lights feature a long-lasting, precision-engineered design built for decades of use. Never replace a costly and hot halogen bulb again.

  • Nearly ZERO radiation.

    StarTrol's high intensity LED lights convert their energy into light—not heat—generating essentially ZERO infrared and ultraviolet light. StarTrol lights use less than one third the power of traditional halogen lights.

  • Optimal color temperature.

    StarTrol examination lights operate at an ideal light color for the examination of skin and wounds.

  • Ideal light positioning.

    All StarTrol examination lights are infinitely adjustable and thus provide the user with optimal light access, regardless of position.

  • Machined aluminum housing. Made in the USA.

    StarTrol lights are precision engineered to be the best. That's why all StarTrol light heads are made from machined aluminum and not cheap plastic.

    Every StarTrol product is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.


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ABOUT StarTrol

StarTrol LED Medical Lighting safely lights the way to modern medical skin and wound examinations.

Introducing StarTrol LED Medical Lighting. All StarTrol lights utilize state-of-the-art LED technology, allowing for optimum performance while greatly reducing heat and energy consumption. StarTrol lights use less than 1/3 the energy of most traditional lighting systems. StarTrol LED Medical Lighting solutions are simply the finest medical exam light available anywhere.

All StarTrol products are manufactured by Huot Instruments, LLC in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. The company has manufactured fine quality, innovative surgical instruments since 2006.

In 2009 Huot Instruments introduced the StarTrol Lighting Division. This division was created in response to the needs of the modern medical professional. The LED light source in all StarTrol products make them; cool, energy efficient, and long lasting.

Huot Instruments continues to research and develop innovative solutions for the modern medical professional.

  • After an extensive search for an affordable light for two procedure rooms in my wellness center... we chose [The StarTrol] LED. The superior white light compared to similarly priced halogen lights is a no brainer. [It provides] better visualization and more true tissue color for dermatologic procedures

    Tom Rohde, MD
  • We have three exam lights from Startrol in our dental and treatment area. The lights are dramatically brighter than incandescent lights and have a much larger range of light head movement. The three light head has been excellent for minor surgeries and dental procedures. The intensity may be easily varied by moving the light either closer or farther from the work area. Thanks Startrol!

    William E. Schultz, D.V.M.
  • Recently we purchased the StarTrol LED light. Our physicians wanted a portable light that did not emit heat that they were feeling with our current lamp. Everyone was delighted in how the lamp is lightweight, does not emit heat and the lighting is fabulous. Thank you for the support your company gave us with purchasing your product. I know in the future if we should ever need any of your products we will contact you.

    Maryanne A. RN
    Cardiac Cath Lab
    Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital
    Darby, PA