StarTrol Balanced Arm Lighting Systems are engineered for precise positioning without drifting. Designed for space efficiency, each light is infinitely adjustable to provide the user with optimal light access regardless of position.

  • Touch Control Interface:
    Utilize capacitive touch interface technologies to control on/off and dimming. Capacitive touch controls allow for a flat surface that is easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • Removable Handle:
    StarTrol balance arm lights utilize a removable positioning handle. Additional handles can be purchased to have on hand so you always have a clean one ready.
  • Multiple Models Available:
    StarTrol balance arm lights are available in mobile base, wall mount, ceiling mount, and double ceiling mount models.

StarTrol lights utilize the latest in LED technology. Although it projects an intense field of illumination, the LED light source ensures that very little heat is produced, providing comfort at the examination site. A StarTrol light source emits almost none of the UV or infrared light associated with many traditional halogen lighting systems. The virtual elimination of radiation minimizes the risk of exposed wound-tissues being dried or burnt.

While StarTrol's design is impressive, it is also the sensible lighting option. Along with performance benefits, StarTrol's LEDs use less than one third the power of traditional halogen lights. Additionally, the LEDs in the light head are designed to operate for over 10 years of normal use without replacement.